Friday, March 07, 2008

ON THE ROAD on the rage

so we are on tour and things are kinda hectik . last night i almost got locked up for being acussed of doing graffitti . go figure huh anyhow . south dont play but we play hearder . see yall soon
and kant wait wha the next city brings .
next stop is alanta georgia

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

10 questions with elaan is vital dot com


Elaan Ventura Bourn. all apects of my name have been taken from film

2.whats your favorite weapon of choice . ( camera)

Digital: Nikon d50 soon to be replaced by a d200, and film: canon AE-1 Program

3.why do u shoot photos

it is the ultimate time capsule. I have that moment forever no matter if its good or bad. I have that image of that person forever even when they walk out the door, I have that place for even when I leave. and it just makes me happy

4.subject wise what motivates you what are u truly trying to express when shooting ?

the energy surrounding whatever I'm shooting, though that sounds really, really hip-ish. I mean for the concert photos, which is the majority of what I show to the public, I try to get the a portion of the energy coming from the performers. For all the other stuff, especially when concerning portraits, I try to get a personality, or a vibe.

5. why a camera . why not drums . why not a microphone . why ?

Ohh, I have more outlets other than my camera. A lot of my stuff is private. I'm a graphics kid, thats what i study. I was the odd one in the family who turned into the art student. I am sure at one point I'll start showing more aspects of myself other than my photos to people other than my friends. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my crafts, when I feel that I'm good enough, I'll put everything out there. But my cameras just gives me this gratification that can't be matched.

6. blogs are really a voice to the world anonomously lately how does these outlets affect your life as well as your contribution blogging to others .

i've had journals since ever since i remember. but my mother began to find them and started to rip out entries and sketches and show them to people, and I didn't like that at all. So she knows nothing about computers. Then I got one of those lovely livejournals and became obsessed with blogs. I wouldn't know half of the random facts I know if it wasn't for blogs. I have a load of them that i use for inspiration, everything from the standard style blogs to people I've never met. Their updates let me step out from my box. As for mine, I am somewhat oblivious to the people who read my blog or look at my site/pictures. So i really can't say.


8. friends means ..

my life. I would be nothing without my friends.

9. your never in pictures and im a lucky one to know who u are in person . this mystery around u creates such an aura around your pictures . in my mind state it reminds me of a graffitti writer with that said do u feel that in arts of any sort knowing is half the battle or not knowing wins the attention .

i just don't like getting my photo taken, which is just really ironic. As long as someone can get something out of what i put out, its fine for me. Too much attention makes me nervous. I like that graffiti writer comparison.... I'm going to make a mental note of that

10. anything you would like to say to the internet

i guess to whoever is reading this. Smile, you're breathing. things could be a lot worse.

thank you elaan for your mind and voice

check out elaans work at ELAAN.IS.VITAL