Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ty Kube please vote for my bands video (team robespierre) as MTV video of the week here: http://www.mtvu.com/music/the-freshmen/pick-this-weeks-freshmen-video-033009/

vote as much as u kan homies !!!! keep good music on top!!


tour was crazy .. being away or more than 1 week and being with the same people can drive u crazy but in a good way .. yeah of course people argue and wha ever but at the end of the day its all 1 big amily .. like brothers and sister argueing over who has the t.v at 10 pm or some shit ..
thanks newmoreswitch blades or killing it everynight and repping the set hella hard!!!

documentary is soon to come !

and now the saga continues with japanther tour through canada and the west coast !

Thursday, March 26, 2009

wha the fuck !


last night we played at the cactus club in milwalkie talkie ( i dont know why i like kalling it that )

spot was hella dope . plenty of epic bands had played there before .

we stay at juiceboxxx' house and got hellla stoned! and basically luaghed and mad jokes till i fell asleep

check out the nmsb tour trialer and juicebox thunder jam III video's

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

chicago !

in chicago right now .. at virgil 57 house

thanks for letting us crash

kicked it with asian chloe last night BCB .. good times next stop will be milwalkie talkie

heres a hollywood holt video .. shouts to chicago and the x men graff crew

Sunday, March 22, 2009


so far tour has been a beating on the body ..

kut on my but cheek .

swollen elbow

broken pinky

but all good times !

tonight we play in little rock ark . ! gooditmes await i miss my friends back home though

happy birthday sterling

heres some footage from alabama

Sunday, March 15, 2009

updates and video post cards !

day 1 awsome . drunk tripping hella fun

day 2 awsome crazy painting drinking sleeeping no skating

day 3 no drinking foood . fight

day4 fresh shower morrissey change of clothes

Monday, March 09, 2009


mr . humphreys lives mr hooper is dead ..

teach the children .. ??

no fuck that ninjasonik kan teach em better .. thanks alot friends

the truth is passion

sometimes people dont realize that material value is nothing but honesty and loyalty is priceless ..
apreciate your friends ..
apreciate your last breath ..
and enjoi the breath our taking right now .
becuze the next one isnt promised ..

Friday, March 06, 2009

a bunch of nice chaps

very influential band


as a kid i didnt know why i liked there songs and im talking 5 years of age .. and now listening to there songs im like whoa this is some heavy epic shit ..
thanks the beatles

and jus for good measure of good times and memories i loved watching this television show ..
THE MONKEYS ! they were so tight !

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Welcome to FARO's Land


street artist /grafitti artist / street lurker . wha ever u wanna call him .. faro's been " TERRORISING the street of nyc jersey and god only knows where else for the past FEW years painting his infamous mummies and pyramids all over the place ..
i had the chance to sit down with him and have a lil chit chat chat about the who what whens

introducing FARO


-nothing, just woke up . so fuckin hung over man, its not even funny, woke up with drinking ticket in my pocket , paint all over me . but over all things are great , i got a sick job .i just got off probation . the weather is starting to be nice again , things are good things are golden .

first and for most when did u start your mission

-hmm , i would say about 4 years ago, i think . i didnt plan any thing though , i was def not on any kind of planned mission , it just all happened that way . i was just out and about to have fun , then baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam , all this just happened .

what drew your attraction to street art / grafitti

-just me and my high school friends going to heavy metal shows and to skate in nyc and seeing all the graffiti and "street art" def grabbed my attention . i was rly young and new to the city ,
then i was like dam , i dig this place , i wana be here all day every day . its like being a kid and finding your fav playground . i am always on the run though

as far as visual and audio insperation , what other thing excite you to go out and paint either the streets or make personal art

-def music , movies , reading books , photography and etc . just seeing other people doing there thing and not beeing slavely owned by republican dickhead . lately i been really into this dude Alejandro Jodorowsky's he directed holy mountain and el topo , these 2 movies def opened my eye on alot of things.

i've seen you had a solo show up in vermont howd that fall together and tell me more about the show . (what did it mean to you etc. )

-i met this one good man , named DAVE RULE , he is great dude , really helped me alot , didnt judge me on what other people said about me . for some people you either love me or you hate me . so he told me about his buddy seth and sky owning a gallery up in vermont . so he liked me up with them and curated a show .he even hooked me up with high end hotel rooms , SHIT WAS BALLER . so me and my best man DR. CRABand eric (key boardplayer from horse the band)road triped it up there

who inspires you art wise (street or gallery )


ever been knocked?

what !! i am good kid man :) . i try not to get in trouble .

whats your FAVORITE TOOL for street altering .

worst night out ./ best night out

WORST NIGHT OUT : lots of people on the street or my tools aint working or really cold weather.

BEST NIGHT OUT : 2 or 3 fills + 10 tall tags or 2 to 4 golden showers .

and last words

kids will come and go and years will pass by and i will still be around . like a real solid pyramid , it runs in my blood . doing my thing and getting better and better .

thanks faro or your time

for more art rom this mummie ! check out this pyramid

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


a few years ago in the south bronx .. writer CHEESE 1 killed a super market in the south bronx going around the building . and if im not mistaken hit cheese around the whole building with 162 letter "e" going around the building ..
and i tip my hat

Monday, March 02, 2009


this is another great classic by otis redding .. look at his performance its epic !