Monday, June 30, 2008

when u cant walk crawl

so this weekend .. was rad . friday we played a show with JAPANTHER on the halfmoon yacht .. thing went off really well.. good friends and new friends . rudy missed the boat but matt Riley threw him a beer to shore

by the time of the end of the show it felt like 3 am when it really was only 11

so me and my brother walked the city like Jamaican rockers .. we passed by LIT to see a friend but since i dont have i.d right now and didnt know the door man i didnt even try to get in .. so plan B
we went to savalas . and matt K bartender extraordinaire got me and seatle steve really drunk .
NEXT day im in an art show!
matt was having his last day of his l.e.s apt party and decided to have an art show..
zered basset
lurker lou
hell bent and more
toward the end of the show some one jumped off the kitchen table and jumped into a tub of beers cuasing a major flood .. it was funny
now later on that night
we walk to my ninjasonik show .. oviously im drunk !
so after the show around 4 30 am i decided i was gonna climb the side of the loft building .. i get to about the 2 and a half floor of climbing and i hear some one say yo cops .. so me being drunk i jus let go and land on top of someone and on my ankle .. im luaghing hard cuz pain didnt set in at the time .. so when we leave and i walk about a block and a half i realize i kant walk anymore so we take a cab home .. i wake up the next day and i kant walk ..

kannon . so now i will venture in my room for the next few dayz everyone please feel free to kall me bring me beer and other contraband and watch movies or draw with me .. alright till we meet agian .. and remeber kids .. u kant klimb every mountain .
jah jah

" when u fall pick up your thoughts as well "

the sex pistols - holiday in the sun

Sunday, June 22, 2008


The ninjas are in and were arent leavin till some one get pregnant

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet Jennifer Shear

JEN is a fairly good friend of mines who i watch from a distance a bit ( not in a creepy way ) shes not claimed " the leader of her crew " but she sure stands modest but as a leader among leaders .. she has a way of talking to people as well as the great energy that attracts people toward her . every one MEET JENNIFER SHEAR
Jennifer Shear.

what do you do ? (interest , current goals etc, )
Daughter, daydreamer.

what every day things inspire you to create art writing etc ..
Everything found in everday life is inspiring. Last night I went in the wrong direction on the B38 and talked to the bus driver for half an hour about the MTA and what its like to be a bus driver. It was really cool. Every year all the drivers get together for something that’s the equivalent to monster trucks except with busses and they have competitions to see who can park and drive in a straight line and weave in and out of cones the best. They even hand out medals and trophies, which is so amazing. Also things that are inspiring include: youtube.

run through a normal day from wake up to sleep time ..
Today I woke up, made a drawing, smoked weed, ate at Mikes Coffee Shop (where I ate a bran muffin toasted and stuffed into a cup of grits, which is what I usually get there), then sat at my friend’s apartmet on Taaffee and watched a movie. Usually I eat at the Pratt Diner but I was starting to get paranoid on my way over there and felt weird about being stoned in front of the owner, who acts like he’s my uncle or something. I’m so worthless in the summer. I try not to be.

i hear that your friends with feral .. tell me about her and your relationship with .
Young Feral is in complete harmony with the wilderness and spends hours trying to reach the highest degree of spiritual knowledge. All forms of cats are her favorite animals, with whom she finds recluse and shelter, despite her active role in her alternate urban environment, where she is in a permanent state of escapism.

music ? who . ?
Afrirampo, Edith Piaf, The Vaselines, Claude Debussy, Suicide, ハナタラシ, The Shivvers, The Young American Dream. Oh and that one Mungo Jerry song, In the Summertime, which is on heavy rotation after hearing it on this really great party mix my friend in Richmond made. Oh and this one Puke Spit and Guts song called You Aint Never.

what makes u sad ?
Caged animals, hungry kitties.

where will u be tomorrow where will u be next month where will u be next year?

space? or ghost?
SPACE. I’m so terrified of aliens. Sometimes Evan comes over to download documentaries on extra terrestrials and conspiracy theories and I have to ask him to use headphones because I get so freaked out.

thank you for your voice and time .. any last werds?
R. Kelly was found innocent on all counts, which is the shit.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008



MAN do i miss these guys alot alani is coming back in august . feels like he left last month still really fresh and new . and that other guy i just dont see enough of at any point .