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i just finished reading this... it was written by a very dope deejay...

this is a rant from him, abusing some of the trendy wack djays that have become soo abundent in the past few years. And, since we are friends and both operate in the "non-sell-out" world, and can abuse 99% of the djays on the planet, i had to repost this so you can read it.

it is long, but well worth it. im sure, sooo many other good djays around the world will totally agree with this...

check it out...

As you have painfully had to find out first hand, all of the PROFESSIONAL artists and DJ's that you idolize, admire, and dickride, are the same exact PROFESSIONALS that have the utmost mutual respect for me, for what I do, and for what I stand for. One might wonder why any respectable artist would ever have anything to do with you? Well, it's not that hard to figure out. It's because they look at you with the mindset of "What can this chump do for me"? You are looked at as nothing but a tool. People use you for free drink tickets and a spot in the VIP line. You are simply an object that other people use in order to benefit themselves, and then they discard of you...hence the name, "tool". How does it make you feel knowing that I share a mutual respect with not only the artists that you praise, but also with my friends, fans, and other people of REAL importance…unlike the paper-thin, false admirations that you receive from the tiny flocks of sheep that don't know any better. You better believe I'll take the respect over your artificial acclaim every time!

Your musical integrity (not to mention your personal integrity) are both non-existent. You lack passion and heart, and it shows in everything that you do. You have no product whatsoever. No music, no songs, no projects, no CD's, no merchandise, NO ANYTHING!? You have absolutely nothing to show for the self-proclaimed "accomplished DJ" that you WISH you were. Not to mention that you lack credibility, originality, creativity, marketability, talent, and every other key element that it takes to be an accomplished and respected DJ. Nobody knows who you are, and nobody has ever heard of you outside of the city that you live in. You have no fan base, and zero following. Nobody is interested in who you are or what you're doing because you're not offering anything that can't be seen and done by 10 million other run-of-the-mill, mediocre dj's, JUST LIKE YOU!

You spin pop music at the corniest, cookie-cutter, meatmarket clubs in town, for a bunch of teenagers with fake tans and fake tits. You are absolutely NOT a commodity. In fact, you can be replaced at the drop of a hat. Sorry to break the news, but nobody that would show up to a club you're spinning at could give a shit less if you're there playing music or not. In fact, the only reason that there might be some people hanging out at a club you're playing music at, is because they want to get shit-faced drunk, and try to hookup with somebody as equally superficial and ignorant as they are. Nobody gives a shit if you are there spinning the music or not, because AGAIN, you aren't offering anything special or different...just the same old watered-down pop music, all tangled together with your inferior DJ "skills". How humiliating!

You have no dedication, respect, or loyalty to this HipHop shit, therefore your longevity in this HipHop shit is minimal. Your only concern is taking shortcuts and trying to make that quick buck. Unfortunately for you, your shameless and ill-mannered actions are in fact going to seal your fate in both this culture, and this industry. Like the saying goes, "there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going", so maybe if you'd stop being so arrogant and ignorant for a moment, you might realize that you're really only headed one way down a dead end road. It's sad and disrespectful that you only see hiphop and music as a paycheck...and so on behalf of hiphop, in return we only see you as a fucking ass-clown, with a diminishing reputation, the dignity of a schmuck, and the credibility of a fly-by-night poser. You can't even back up, nor live up to any of the silly false hype that you've tried to create about yourself. You are so OVER-RATED that it's embarrassing. Not to mention that you OVERCHARGE for your BELOW AVERAGE "dj" services. In fact, I almost feel bad for anyone that would actually pay you for the "DJ Services" that you supposedly provide. Not to mention your attempts at persuading people into believing there are actually legitimate companies that would sponsor you for DJ'ing are a JOKE! In reality, I'm betting that you're actually only "sponsored" by your homely girlfriend that just coincidentally happens to work for a company that sends you key chains and brochures to give away at your fabricated, fake-n'-bake functions. Who the fuck do you think you're kidding anyway? No more smoke and mirrors you jackass. On a good day, you might be able to hustle a couple of naïve teenagers with your gimmicks and your trickery, but you ain't never gonna fool me.

You see, I do this music first and foremost because I am an artist, and it is my PASSION. I love what I do! You wouldn't understand that because YOU are NOT an artist! YOU are barely even a DJ....and you are FAR from the celebrity DJ that you PRETEND to be. What you ARE however, is merely just a wannabe. Better yet, you're just a wannabe "glamour DJ"...nothing but a lame personality (and a pretty lousy, shallow, unconvincing one at that). In fact, you have to work as hard as you possibly can to try and fool people into believing that you are a "hip" person, because your blatant lack of real talent, skills, and "hipness", sure as hell isn't fooling anybody into thinking that you're a good DJ.
Do you actually think that your size medium, $75 dollar, designer "I love hiphop" t-shirt, your skintight jeans, and your laughable Nike dunk collection are fooling anyone??? I think not. The next thing you know you'll have a fucking faux hawk, and you'll be wearing eye liner and playing music from your ipod mixing console while bragging that you partied with Nicole Ritchie's hairstylist?!? You're nothing but a wannabe hipster, and just an overall fucking dork! There are already way too many of you wannabe glamour DJ's out there that are faking the funk. The last thing the world needs is yet another one of you bozos running around ruining the reputation of us REAL DJ's.

One thing you ARE good at however, is being the BIGGEST, brown nosing, ass kissing, dick sucker that I've ever seen. I gotta give it to you on that one. You can probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose? You must be real proud of that aye? In fact, without those skills, you probably wouldn't even have been able to secure the "speed bump" status that you've managed to obtain for yourself. You know, there's nothing wrong with making money and becoming successful, but so far you've managed to do neither, which is not all that surprising considering that everything you've "accomplished" thus far in your life is based on a complete hoax. Maybe you'd have better luck if you acquired some fucking tact and some pride. Ya know, earn your success, and do it respectfully and tastefully. Try being genuine for a change…it's really not that hard. All you've achieved thus far is the loss of respect from pretty much everyone you've ever come in contact with that has enough common sense to see through your bullshit.

See, the big difference between me and you is that I don't owe any favors. Nobody "put me on" like they put YOU on. Everything in life hasn't been served to me on a silver spoon like it has for you Ricky Schroder. Not that it's your fault if you come from wealth, but what you fail to understand is that it's REAL struggle and REAL sacrifice that makes ones appreciation and strive for everything in life (including success) become that much more important and cherished...and THAT my friend, is what places people like YOU behind the likes of people such as myself. Everything I achieve is because I work hard for it and I EARN it. I pay my dues, I'm dedicated, I'm creative, I'm confident, I'm determined, I'm humble, and I have enough integrity to sink an oil tanker! It's no wonder you consider me a threat!? I make a living doing what I LOVE TO DO for christ sake! It's not everyone that can say that. I feel blessed! You on the other hand, have been faking the struggle since day one, you chump. You're just this pathetic little person, trapped inside the shell of an even more insecure little person. It must suck to be you? You're a spoiled, trust fund brat from the burbs, who only got into Dj'ing because you look at it as the popular thing of the moment, and you hoped that it would make your appear cooler in the eyes of all your fake friends. You've become a slave to an industry in which nobody gives a flying fuck about you. You'll conform to whatever it is you think happens to be the current fad, just so you can try and be a part of the band wagon. Clowns like you come a dime a dozen, therefore nobody gives a shit about what you supposedly have to offer, (other than maybe that free drink ticket). I'm sorry that the whole DJ thing isn't working out for you. I'm sure it won't be long until you find something else that you think is cooler, and then you'll move on to whatever you think that next fad might happen to be. Why don't you do everyone a favor and give yourself a big fat reality check by weighing our accomplishments against each other, you silver shirt wearing, metro-sexual douche bag. Open your eyes and figure it out!

Do I think I'm perfect? Absolutely not. Do I think my shit don't stink? No, not by any means. However, I constantly make the efforts and the attempts at trying to preserve, advance, and better both myself, this artform, AND the culture that I love. Whereas you on the other hand constantly try to mislead, manipulate, deceive, and exploit! Unfortunately for you, I refuse to sit back in silence and watch you take a shit on everything I love, and it's about time that somebody lifted up your skirt and exposed you for the rodent that you are. There's a little weasel behind all your fake smiles and handshakes, and if I catch that little weasel, somebody better call PETA because I swear to god I'm going to annihilate that rodent into nonexistence!

You see, at the end of the day when everything is all said and done, you can put your phony image, the nightlife scene, the music industry, and all your other bullshit aside...because what it all really boils down to is how well you're sleeping at night. And TRUST ME, I'm sleeping WELL! As a matter of fact, I'm sleeping like a little baby, all curled up in a cute little ball, drooling all over myself while I'm in dreamland. The reason I sleep so well is because I keep it true...true to the music, true to the culture, true to my friends, true to my fans, and most importantly...true to myself. And THAT my friend is REAL SUCCESS! In the mean time, you're tossing and turning all night wondering why nobody respects you and why nobody takes you seriously. And in reality, you have nobody to blame other than yourself. You're a disgrace to me, a disgrace to hiphop, a disgrace to music, a disgrace to society, and a disgrace to yourself! You should be ashamed of yourself...everyone else is ashamed of you.

So as of today, I'm volunteering you as the human punching bag in this new little game I've invented called "Slap the Clown". Here's how the game works… Anytime I hear someone tell me that you've mentioned my name, I will in turn slap the living shit out of you immediately upon seeing you. Whether it's at the grocery store, the mall, a concert, or at church, it just doesn't matter, you're catching a backhand to your dishonorable little mouth. Also, to spice the game up a little, it also makes no difference whether you've mentioned my name in a positive or negative manner. It just doesn't matter. But don't worry too much, it really is a pretty easy game. Just don't mention my name, and you probably won't get bitch slapped. I look forward to playing "Slap the Clown" with you.

Does this blog sound a bit negative and hateful? Well, maybe a little bit. Does it make me sound bitter? Maybe a touch. But ya know what? The truth isn't always gonna be rainbows, smiley faces, and bubblegum. In fact, in most cases (including this one) it's the truth that hurts the most. And like I've said before, I’m tired of biting my tongue on the account of sparing the feelings of some jackass like you. I've invested way too much of my life on this shit to continue letting suckers like you get away with your little shenanigans, and it's long overdue that somebody aired you out and shed some light on the shiesty little leech that you really are. It's time that cats started speaking up for what's right. If I gotta be the one that's labeled as the "dickhead" simply because I speak up for what's right, because I stand up for what I believe in, and because I speak the truth, and I speak it loudly- then so be it. I'll be the dickhead, but at least somebody still has the balls, the dignity, and the integrity to stand up for the truth, and that's a lot more than can be said for a fucking turd like you.

Is this blog aimed at anyone in particular you ask? Not entirely, no.
As a matter of fact, whoever happens to become offended by reading this blog, is precisely the person that this is intended for.

In closing, if you have a problem with anything I've said, then you're more than welcome to confront me about it in person, and we'll see just how interested I am in what you have to say. You can find me at Wicked Wednesday's, every Wednesday night at Bar XV. Consider this as an open invitation. Seriously...come see me...you might actually learn something.

Until then, remember... I'M doing it. YOU'RE pretending!

Fuck you very much!

-Hurtz Donut

PS. Be sure you copy this and forward it to your "agent", before I do. Hahaha….


rock steady crew

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