Friday, May 30, 2008


i sometimes wonder if any one acually read this blog .. but at least i know it gives me a visual of what i see ya know and a refection of myself ..
these past few dayz have been really rad .

WE (NINJASONIK ) went down to baltimmore and philly for naeem spankrocks bday partys to perfom . it was fun .. i miss and was a lil bummed that the deathset wasnt there man do i miss those dudes ! any how we took the china town bus down and my brother achk came down with u s..

upon arrival when we got to the otto bar the bounceer said no drinking for me! i said cannon! i need to get fucked up ! mean while i had been there a billion times before performing and drinking . long story short i lost my wallet and he was just doing his job .
anyhow the next day we go down to philly that night after a rad but kinda wierd bbq
me telli kevin and his boi john drove in one car and emily rabbit and magie horn drove in another as well as my brother but then he got sick and they kannon him and left him in bmore . ha ! another time for another city . when we got to philly we met some awsome people . including plastic little and rad locals ! we played 2 songs and it was hella fun ! every one was diggin it .. off the record im ready to explore philly alot more !

i chose this song cuz it was the first thing i thought of when i woke up .. good job mano! see u soon !

Matt & Kim Played 70 Greene Street Last Night at Sheena Beaston

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