Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Week That changed EVERYthing

SO since i sprained my ankle shits been cool but gets boring real fast ! not to mention the fact that your really disabled from doing alot of shit thats common everyday movement ..

but i'll recap the good moment for ya

so first off sarah has been coming by to hang out with me and chill she's DOPE

we both made dinner for us and my roommates the other night . and she brings me sparks and ciggs so thas awsome points ,

my twin has also been coming over and watching movies with me making sure i dont jus spend time on the computer all day long

we made breakfast

i also got a cast so i kan walk slightly better .. before i could barely even get up to go to the potty

so these dudes forced me out the house somewhat and i ended up at a bar getting drunk

Then i was put in a cab cuz no one wants me to walk far .. so i went home and went to bed so i kould be in this room for another few days

Dont know whas gonna happen with work becuze they wanted me to come in but i found out .. TODAY and i was supose to work yesterday .. but even so .. i cant really contribute at work right now .. well that will figure itself out i hope ..

anyhow till we meet agian .!

cemetery gates BY the smiths


SHMALEX! said...


Zheik-One said...

I sprained my ankle badly playing volleyball in high school. I remember hearing a soft crunching sound when I landing on my left foot wrong. Luckily, my Dad spent a half hour for a week applying this Chinese medicine which is almost like really strong whiskey called "Yuet Jow". The ish really works and reduces the swelling and "heat". Git well!!!!


Lil' Nay said...

Fuck Rene. She didn't help you at all.