Sunday, September 14, 2008

the weakend .

SO friday we played to shows .. one up at fordham universary another in bk .. went to the bar drank a bunch after wards as if i wasnt already drunk .. walked home at 6 something in the am .. had no voice left . woke up . went to see lighting bolt play
read an email that kinda pissed me off more than alot .. left my house ran into a local thug who aparently blamed me for " talking shit " which i know nothin about . and threatin to shoot me in the face right there. walked to greenpoint to the autumn bowl hung out there . went to enits bar afterward with the homie mark sterling and nick cannon then proceeded to jus go home .

woke up this morning already hella tired .
to another anoying phone call related to me stupid email drama

but then sterling found this clip and it made me not "pop"


mark gonzalez in europe some where in 1998

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sarah ferguson lee said...

mark gonzalez is so ill. love him.