Saturday, January 10, 2009

jus found this online


alexandra said...


I really like your stuff, and wanted to ask, why not come to Ann Arbor? We're freezing cold and it would be nice to have a little more fun. Lotsa art school girls around.


MCFLY said...

wheres ann arbor .. we travel alot .. maybe we kan set something up .. !!

let me know !! and share ur blog so i kan check it out .. urs is private!

werd !

jah jah ninjasonik

alexandra said...

Thanks for responding!!!

I don't have a blog, I sign in through gmail, so I wonder what is going on with the private thing (I'm kinda afraid to find somebody jerking off in the shadows of an empty page; "hem, excuse me!").

In any case, fantastic to hear that you're open to visiting Ann Arbor. AA is in Michigan - about 45 mins from Detroit, about 4.5 hours West of Toronto, about 4 hours East of Chicago. These are all in driving/training/busing. The closest airport is the Detroit one. It's a university town; there are a bunch of clubs. How does one organize such a thing?

p.s. The refrigerator pimpin vid is hilarious.

MCFLY said...

hahah yeah my friend sent me that video ! tight that you responded back .. we'll try to get a show going ! i know where gonna be on tour in march and april and a bit in feburary .. ! hey hit me an email .

dont be shy !

later gator !
jah jah ninjasonik !