Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Welcome to FARO's Land


street artist /grafitti artist / street lurker . wha ever u wanna call him .. faro's been " TERRORISING the street of nyc jersey and god only knows where else for the past FEW years painting his infamous mummies and pyramids all over the place ..
i had the chance to sit down with him and have a lil chit chat chat about the who what whens

introducing FARO


-nothing, just woke up . so fuckin hung over man, its not even funny, woke up with drinking ticket in my pocket , paint all over me . but over all things are great , i got a sick job .i just got off probation . the weather is starting to be nice again , things are good things are golden .

first and for most when did u start your mission

-hmm , i would say about 4 years ago, i think . i didnt plan any thing though , i was def not on any kind of planned mission , it just all happened that way . i was just out and about to have fun , then baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam , all this just happened .

what drew your attraction to street art / grafitti

-just me and my high school friends going to heavy metal shows and to skate in nyc and seeing all the graffiti and "street art" def grabbed my attention . i was rly young and new to the city ,
then i was like dam , i dig this place , i wana be here all day every day . its like being a kid and finding your fav playground . i am always on the run though

as far as visual and audio insperation , what other thing excite you to go out and paint either the streets or make personal art

-def music , movies , reading books , photography and etc . just seeing other people doing there thing and not beeing slavely owned by republican dickhead . lately i been really into this dude Alejandro Jodorowsky's he directed holy mountain and el topo , these 2 movies def opened my eye on alot of things.

i've seen you had a solo show up in vermont howd that fall together and tell me more about the show . (what did it mean to you etc. )

-i met this one good man , named DAVE RULE , he is great dude , really helped me alot , didnt judge me on what other people said about me . for some people you either love me or you hate me . so he told me about his buddy seth and sky owning a gallery up in vermont . so he liked me up with them and curated a show .he even hooked me up with high end hotel rooms , SHIT WAS BALLER . so me and my best man DR. CRABand eric (key boardplayer from horse the band)road triped it up there

who inspires you art wise (street or gallery )


ever been knocked?

what !! i am good kid man :) . i try not to get in trouble .

whats your FAVORITE TOOL for street altering .

worst night out ./ best night out

WORST NIGHT OUT : lots of people on the street or my tools aint working or really cold weather.

BEST NIGHT OUT : 2 or 3 fills + 10 tall tags or 2 to 4 golden showers .

and last words

kids will come and go and years will pass by and i will still be around . like a real solid pyramid , it runs in my blood . doing my thing and getting better and better .

thanks faro or your time

for more art rom this mummie ! check out this pyramid


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haha ive been lurkin faro for a long time i saw was on some highway going random..luv it when that happens

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